WIRE INTO THE CREDIT UNION                                                                                                    
If you are planning to have money wired into your account at PEOPLES Community Credit Union, you will need to provide the following wiring instructions to the person who will be initiating the wire on your behalf:
Receiving Institution Information:

          ABA:                                           073000914
          Name:                                         Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines
          Address:                                      801 Walnut Street, Suite 200
          City and State:                             Des Moines, Iowa 50309-3518

Further Credit Information:

          Name:                                         PEOPLES Community Credit Union
          Account Number:                         621488454

Final Credit Information:

          Final Credit:                                  Member's Name
          Final Credit Account Number:         Member's account # at PEOPLES Community CU
                                                              Example:   1234-01 (savings) or 1234-08 (checking)

PLEASE NOTE:  You must notify us of expected receipt of funds.

Please Call 952-932-4499 or Fax 952-932-4596 to alert us about the estimated time of arrival of your wire.  If it doesn't arrive, we can help you contact the originator and reinitiate the transaction.

Click here for the WIRE OUT form. If you are planning to have us wire funds out of your account you will need:

1.   Your PEOPLES Community Credit Union account #.
2.   The amount of your wire.
3.   The name and the location of the financial institution receiving your wire.
4.   The Routing and Transit number of the financial institution receiving your  
5.   The name and the account number of the account in which the money will  
       be deposited.
6.   The address of the account holder at the receiving Bank.
*There is a $30 wire fee