You know best when you need the flexibility of skipping a month's loan payment.
So, go ahead! Take it when you need it!

It's Easy!

Simply select the month to skip your payment on the qualifying loan. You can now skip any eligible loan payment twice a year! Follow these easy steps:
1. Complete the Skip A Pay application - Click Here.
2. Applications must be received the month PRIOR to the requested skipped month. (For example, to skip your payment in December, your form must be submitted in November.) Deliver the application in person, by mail, by fax, or by email.
3. There is a processing fee for each loan payment you choose to skip. $10 for each weekly payment, $20 for each bi-weekly payment and $40 for each monthly payment. Pay by cash, check or transfer from your account.

How It Works!
Credit Protection premium charges (if applicable) and interest will continue to accrue on your loan during the waived payment period. Your loan maturity date will be extended when your payment is deferred. All terms and conditions remain the same.

Skip These Loans!
You can Skip A Pay on your PCCU Auto, Boat, Recreational Vehicle, Mobile Home, Camping Trailer, Line of Credit, and Overdraft.

*Mortgage loans are excluded from this program. Other restrictions may apply.