SUPERTELLER is a FREE audio response service that allows you to access your accounts by touch-tone telephone 24 hours a day, any day of the week.  Set-up is EASY, call the credit union at (952) 932-4499 and ask to get set-up for SUPERTELLER. 

Check account balances
Transfer funds
 Request withdrawals
 Get current rates on savings, loans and certificates
 Retrieve brief account balance histories
 Look up deposits, withdrawals and cleared checks

The first time you call SUPERTELLER, you will need:

  • Your credit union account number
  • The last four digits of your social security number, this will be your Personal Identification Number (PIN) until you customize it.
  • Your customized (PIN) number if you set one up at account opening.

Here's How:

  • Dial 952-932-3863 or 1-877-932-4499.
  • Enter your account number, followed by the pound (#) sign.
  • Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Enter the ACTION CODE you wish to access.
  • If applicable, enter the account SUFFIX.


Account Inquiries:
01     Savings Account Balance                              
11     Payroll/Direct Deposit History, Savings     
16     All Deposits, Savings                                     
41     YTD Dividends, Savings                              
51     ATM Withdrawals, Savings                           
53     ACH Withdrawals, Savings                           
02     Draft Account Balance                                  
12     Payroll/Direct Deposit History, Draft         
13     Stop Payment on Draft add/delete             
14     Last 4 Share Drafts Cleared                         
15     Specific Share Draft Cleared                        
17     All Deposits, Draft                                         
42     YTD Dividends, Checking                             
52     ATM Withdrawals, Draft                              
54     ACH Withdrawals, Draft                              
08     All Open Loans                                               
09     Balance on any Account Suffix                    
10     Complete Account History                           
19     Deposit to any Account Suffix                     

21     Transfer Funds, Savings to Draft               
22     Transfer Funds, Draft to Savings                
28     Transfer funds to a different account #    
29     Transfer of funds between suffixes           

31     Check Withdrawal, Savings                          
32     Check Withdrawal, Checking                        
54     ATM Withdrawals                                           
59     Withdrawal history any account suffix        

43     YTD Interest, LOC Loan                                 
49     YTD Information                                             
93     Change Audio PIN Number                            
94     Calculate Loan Pmt/AMT                               
97     Change to New Account Number                  
98     Help                                                                   
99     End Call