The Value of Credit Union Membership

Your PEOPLES Community Credit Union membership gives you something you can't get from a bank:  OWNERSHIP!  That's a fundamental difference between banks and credit unions. 

Another fundamental difference:  we are a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization.  As a member-owned, NOT-FOR-PROFIT financial cooperative, our earnings are returned to members in the form of low cost loans, high yield dividend accounts, and free or low cost services.  When profit is removed as a motivating force, attention is shifted to the best interest of the membership.  Our focus is not on profit, but on service and efficiency.  

As member/owners, we all have a stake in the credit union's success.  The better your credit union does, the better you do.  When it is time to borrow, make a savings investment, or open a checking account, please remember, as an owner you play a vital role in your credit union's success.  By using our services, and by spreading the word to your eligible co-workers and family, you are helping us, and you, grow and thrive.  We are: “people helping people”.

Our motto is:  "people helping people".